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How We Help

Hiring and Firing

Hiring and firing decisions are the most critical and at times heart-wrenching choices you will make as a small or growing business. Concerns about lawsuits, workplace drama, and team morale can weigh heavily on your mind.

Say goodbye to the worry and uncertainty surrounding these critical decisions. Let us handle it with care, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted partner in your corner.

Compliance Solutions

Are you facing challenges stemming from past mistakes? Are you looking to build the right infrastructure to ensure compliance moving forward? Or maybe you just need to launch a new handbook?

Our staff is equipped to handle compliance concerns in a wide range of industries across all states.

We know just how exhausting and confusing HR can be, so let us guide you.

Employee Accountability

Struggling with holding employees accountable? Not sure about the best way to enforce policies or performance expectations?

We’ve helped companies build and augment their existing performance management systems in a wide range of scenarios from using modern cloud-based performance systems used for continuous performance feedback and incentives to basic performance reviews. Let’s build out the right infrastructure to keep managers and employees accountable for their performance.


Every company desires to gain the retention, productivity, and wellness benefits that come from building a strong positive work culture. Yet, most struggle to define, build, and reach the full potential of a world-class company culture.

We tackle this problem head on by using incentive systems that help companies build on their core values in a way that employees love. We also keep a full bag of tricks designed to build world class work cultures. Let us show you the way.

Learning and Development

Your ability to grow and truly thrive as a business requires you have the systems necessary to train staff well and keep the business fully functional as people come and go.

We use modern learning management systems to ensure we can build out the training resources needed to effectively onboard new staff. We also have expert trainers on standby capable of leading training efforts in a wide range of skill sets ranging from leadership training to HR 101.

Advanced Harassment Prevention Training

Tired of the same old boring harassment prevention training? Tired of simply checking the box? Try our advanced harassment prevention training series.

Not only is our training compliant with Federal and State requirements, but we spice things up with a unique story telling approach that will make the training experience educational and entertaining. Even experienced managers with years of experience rave about our unique approach.

"As a small business owner, HR tasks used to consume so much of my time and energy. Since partnering with them, I have been able to offload those responsibilities and focus on growing my business"

Becky Cooper

"Their expertise in HR has helped us streamline our processes, ensure compliance, and create a positive work culture. Thanks to their guidance, we've seen improved employee satisfaction and a more productive workforce."

Brad Burgess

"Their management training series is top notch and has made a drastic difference in our manager’s ability to keep our teams performance front of mind while achieving our goals"

Jorge Castaneda

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  • Tailored Strategies: You'll receive personalized suggestions based on your unique business needs and challenges.

  • Compliance Check: We'll give you a brief overview of any potential compliance issues you should be aware of.

  • Culture Audit: A quick analysis of your company culture to identify strengths and opportunities for growth.

  • Next Steps: Clear guidance on possible next steps to address your HR needs effectively.

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